Managed IP Services - Converged Networking

In order to gain a competitive edge, it is key to align your business with IP strategies. Managed IP Services - Converged Networking from Wave2 Networks will do just that by allowing every device on your network to become interconnected.

With IP convergence, your phones, video surveillance, servers, environmental controls, door access, computer applications and documents can be integrated easily and designed to increase productivity. In addition, convergence offers the centralized management of your entire network, and helps meet the challenge delivering real-time support.

Wave2 Networks's Managed IP Services - Converged Networking includes:

  • Enhanced security - DNS and DHCP integration detects changes in the other prompting quicker troubleshooting
  • Flexible scanning - customize how you want to scan your IP address: in terms of frequency, amount scanned and what means will be employed
  • IP history and auditing - see the history of all IP locations while tracking and auditing and changes made to the IP Address Manager tool