Network Monitoring Solution

Not only does Wave2 Networks's Network Monitoring help alert you of any issues on your network, it also keeps track of things like printer supplies, software installations, hard drive space, contract due dates and just about anything you can think of that relates to your network. Real-time notification keeps you up to date on all that is happening and Issues are taken care of being they cause downtime.

Wave2 Networks's Network Monitoring Solution provides:

  • Network comparison - after troubleshooting, you get a chance to compare your network's current state with what it was to get a better understanding of the issue
  • Text/email notification - this quickly notifies technicians of any potential problems
  • Monitoring of web traffic - this allots users equal amounts of bandwidth and prevents users from using big chunks that would negatively impact others

Sit back, relax and let Wave2 Networks do the work for you. We've got your networks covered.