Network Operations Center (NOC)

Having a network with maximum uptime entails round-the-clock system monitoring including weekends and holidays. Staffing for this kind of work can be rather difficult due to time requirements as well as the broad base of knowledge required to quickly analyze and resolve issues.

Wave2 Networks’s Network Operations Center (NOC) will relieve you of all these worries by maintaining your technology 24/7/365 days a year. Every hour, more than 3,000 critical network parameters are monitored by us in near real-time. Alerts from servers, switches, routers, WAN links, wireless access points, and firewalls are linked into our NOC, while out of band alerts have specific thresholds designed to convert unplanned downtime into scheduled proactive maintenance.

Each monitoring appliance automatically logs and forwards abnormal variations. A customized software then categorizes the alerts by type and forwards them to the correct support staff based on expertise and priority. With Wave2 Networks’s NOC services, we can consistently deliver 99.97% network reliability for your peace of mind.

Wave2 Networks’s 24/7 Network Operation Center service includes:

  • Monitoring and checks
  • Alerts and escalations
  • Reporting and monthly review call with report of incidents in the past month, changes and updates, SLA adherence, recommendations