Network Security

In order to conduct daily business operations with clients, suppliers and partners, your company needs to have an efficient network in place. On top of numerous cybersecurity threats aiming to jeopardize your system, the number of devices accessing your confidential information via the internet makes even sensitive data housed outside your network vulnerable to attacks.

Now with Wave2 Networks’s fully customizable Network Security services, we’ll fix your ineffective security measures or improperly configured and maintained equipment so you can utilize the latest technology without worrying about breaches. Our security solutions are designed to conform to the strictest NIST compliance guidelines.

Wave2 Networks’s Network Security solutions include:

  • Security assessment - comprehensive testing to close all security loopholes
  • Antivirus software - search for and eliminate malicious programs before they spread
  • Firewall protection - block unauthorized access to your systems
  • Virtual Private Networks - allow for remote access to your network